/// City Decoration

Food in Imagination, digital drawing, 2017

\ 6th Octmber,2017 - Unknown
\\ with a free city apple tree
\\\ Albert Heijn Delflandplein and 52°20’28’’N, 4°50’46’’E, Amsterdam

It was on Autumn, a season for harvest and the urban green zones function more as city decoration than as editable substance, the food will rot if no one picks up, so I decided to look for free food in urban green zones. Luckily I found an apple tree next to my cycling path from Sandberg to Rietveld. I picked one to taste and realized it is very different from the “ordinary apple” coming from the supermarket according to its shape, size, taste etc. I picked all the 9 apples on the branches and shared this discovery with my friends.

After that, the difference between the free city apples and the supermarket apples became my interest and intended to compare them more. The commercial apples confused me - there are so many different types of apples for sale in the supermarket, from different colors, figures, countries and brands. In response, I forged a label for the free apple with the location of the free apple tree (52°20’28’’N, 4°50’46’’E) and placed it back into the nearest Albert Heijn at Delandplein.

Afterwards, I realized it would be difficult for the people who will get the information to recognize this apple tree, since there is no apple on the apple tree anymore. I then bought 9 different types of apples and tightened them back to the apple tree, transforming the free local on-season apple tree into a commercial stock import apple tree.

The work has been re-presented at a panel Food: behind barcodes on June, 2018.

Later research, free food mapping web:
https://fallingfruit.org (Global-wide)
http://wildplukwijzer.nl (Netherland-wide)


City Decoration, photo documentation, 2018

City Decoration with Global Freiends, photo documentation, 2018

City Decoration, photo documentation, 2018

City Decoration, photo documentation, 2018