/// Common Belongings

Between "we" and "others", progress diagram, 2019

\ Period onw: 9th November 2018 - 17th June 2019
\\ Period two: July 2019 - September 2020
\\\ Initiated with Sara Santana López

Common Belongings is an ongoing action-research program initiated in November 2018 and centred around a never-ending question that keeps reformulating itself through its solutions - “what are the feelings of belonging?”.

The program started within the existing community of the post-graduate academy where Sara and I were studying. Firstly through a mobile kitchen service where we were working towards reclaiming our collective identity from the institutional framework. Our actions constantly adapted through the weekly conversations held during the kitchen service, and later on we started providing a funding platform to support student initiatives which were engaging the student community.

After June 2019, the program entered its second period by embedding the question into wider surroundings and building connections through encounters with different people. By trying to open up the dialogue to resonate with others, we are also searching where to locate the question specifically in terms of who we encounter.

Meanwhile, Common Belongings is part of The Basic Activist Kitchen, as artist researcher at BAK – basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, since August 2019.


What can the feeling of belongings be?, digital illustration by Sara Santana López, 2019

First Period: started by a mobile kitchen. Mobile publication - plates for dialogues, photo documentation, 2019

Circular Economy, digital illustration by Sara Santana López, 2019

Mobile kitchen in serving, photo documentation, 2019

Diagram on plate (top right) - Supported Event for Karina Zavidova, digital illustration by Sara Santana López, 2019

Supported event for Karina Zavidova - Cooking with Ambition, workshop and conversation, photo documentation, 2019

The end of the first period - graduation show, a collective performance about sharing our concerns about the community, with Sara Santana López, Sara Daniel, Léo Ravy, Karina Zavidova voiced by Veronika Babayan, lighting by Linda Stauffer, photo documentation, 2019

The second period: 2 Days of Dinner intervention, with The Basic Activist Kitchen, BAK – basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, October, photo documentation, 2019

Conversation workshop with our neighbor Félix Navarrete about "what is the essential feeling of being together?" photo documentation, 2019

transcriptions, the book reenacted the conversation workshop with Félix Navarrete, collective editing, design and silkscreen printed by Sara and myself, published by Lost Dad Publishing in November 2019, photo documentation

Here: Listen to the reading session about transcriptions

Here: Order the book, transcriptions