/// Funeral of The Expired Arts

Funeral Venues (red dots), screenshots of google map, 2017

\ 28th May, 2017 - Unknown
\\ Jahrtausendfeld and König-Albert-Brücke, Leipzig
\\\ with my expired arts produced at the 3-month residency in Leipzig

The arts, especially referred to site specific, not got purchased and collected "successfully" after the exhibitions had lost their meanings when there is not same situation to back on and not enough storage space to preserve physically.

In order to sustain the things out of their previous art contextualization, the works I produced in the residency period were distributed and re-adapted to public spaces, and expecting social interaction to re-functionalize and re-valuate them on a new way.

There is not any documentation recorded during the action.


New Life of One of The "Very Very Friendly Pylon", spotted by Despina Charitonidi, 2017

What was Very Very Friendly Pylon?