/// Stories of seeds

Seeds portraits from the family of Lin, digital drawing, 2020

\ August, 2020
\\ Casco Art Institute, Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht
\\\ with Lin Yong Xiu and Lin Nen

I organized a tour for the extramural project of Casco Art Institute, Travelling Museum of Forgotten Skills. Collecting and sharing stories with local farmers through their agricultural perspective.

The tours focused on the family of Lin, two hobby farmers originally from China and living at Leidsche Rijn for more than 13 years. Lin Yong Xiu and Lin Nen guided us to their urban gardens and shared their personal stories of farming and living experience in the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, there was an exhibition hosted in the museum, featuring the adaption of their relationships with land from Chinese to Dutch culture, which was presented as the seed collection they saved from many year’s harvests, tools they brought from China and a text piece translated from our past conversations.


Stories of seeds, tour guide by Lin Yong Xiu and Lin Nen at their urban gardens, 2020

Stories of seeds, recognizing vegetables from seed portraits in the field, 2020

Stories of seeds, tour guide by Lin Yong Xiu and Lin Nen, 2020

Stories of seeds, marching tour, 2020

Stories of seeds, exhibition in the tour: seeds and sickle from the Lin, story poster based on the interviews with the Lin and archive about the agricultural past of Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht, 2020

Stories of seeds, end of the tour at the senior hotel of the Lin, 2020